Concrete floors are the foundation for laying most flooring products such as Vinyl Plank, Carpet Tile, and other Tile products. For existing flooring products that require repair, leveling is used to create a solid foundation for floor installation and due to this process, fewer imperfections can be found throughout the floor. Self-leveling concrete is typically used to create a flat and smooth surface with a compressive strength similar to or higher than that of traditional concrete prior to installing interior floor coverings.

JPF Flooring offers professional self-leveler services to help you achieve smooth and even surfaces for your commercial space. Self-leveling compounds are a popular choice for correcting uneven floors and creating a level base for various flooring installations.

Self-leveler is a specially formulated compound that spreads and levels itself, filling in low spots and creating a flat surface. It is commonly used to address unevenness, dips, or slopes in concrete or other subfloor materials. The self-leveling properties of the compound eliminate the need for extensive manual leveling techniques, saving time and effort during the installation process.

Our skilled team at JPF Flooring is experienced in the precise application of self-leveler. We carefully assess the condition of the subfloor, prepare it properly, and apply the self-leveling compound to achieve optimal results. The compound flows smoothly and evenly, filling in gaps and creating a level surface ready for the installation of your desired flooring materials.

In addition to its leveling capabilities, self-leveler offers other benefits such as excellent adhesion, durability, and resistance to cracking. It provides a stable and reliable foundation for a wide range of flooring options, including tiles, hardwood, vinyl, or carpet.

Choose JPF Flooring for professional self-leveller services that ensure smooth and even surfaces for your commercial space. Our expertise and attention to detail guarantee a high-quality finish that meets your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss your project and let us help you create a seamless and level foundation for your flooring installation.

Self Leveler & Concrete

Self-Leveler – Type of floor preparation before the installation of resilient flooring, stone, concrete, or wood for a sound substrate floor. Concrete – Concrete over time has become more than just a pad for garages, basement or patios. Becoming more popular in commercial spaces such as restaurant dining, retail stores and studios.

Advantages of Self Leveler / Concrete:
  • Repairs uneven interior floors.
  • Smoothens area from damaged or installation over the top of existing floors.
Disadvantages of Self Leveler / Concrete:
  • Product may fail if incorrectly mixed or space conditions are not met.
  • May be costly if excessive amounts of product are required.
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