Optiks International



Sarcee Trail Northwest, 11842, Calgary, Alberta, T3R 0A1, Canada

Types of Products Used:

Modular Flooring

JPF Flooring has been proud to work with MG Flooring & Pagliaro Projects, from Burnaby BC, delivering a vision for better spaces. We have worked with them for Optiks International and Freedom Mobile retail spaces. These spaces must have products to support high traffic use and longevity. For retail spaces it is important to choose high-performance products such as vinyl plank/tile and vinyl composite tile flooring. When we surveyed the OPtiks International space, we could see right away that beauty, durability and affordability would be factors in the final flooring recommendations.

The flooring solution also had to be ‘on brand’ in look and feel, which are all of the reasosn why JPF recommended luxury vinyl plank and VCT vinyl composite tile for this installation. When it comes to any flooring project, we take the time to assess the situation properly before we recommend products that align with the needs of our customers in whatever business they’re in.

Optiks International offers high-end brands such as Boss, Prada, Tom Ford, Gucci and others, which meant flooring that was as timeless as the brands they carry, with the same durability of wear for discerning customers. Optiks International reports being very pleased with their flooring, which we know will endure along with their brand. The other thing the client liked was our Price Matching Guarantee, available to all JPF Flooring customers.

Optiks International Flooring Products:
  • VCT Vinyl Composite Tile
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank
  • Rubber Cove Base
  • Accessories – Transitions
Optiks International Concerns:
  • Timelines for Store Closure
  • Products being used for high traffic areas
  • Cleaning and care of the floors
Similar Retail Spaces:
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Industrial
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